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The Central Museum of Migration

"Haus der Einwanderungsgesellschaft"

We live in a society of immigration: Migration shapes our every-day lives. Every second child born in German cities has a "migration background". The realisation that migration is in fact the norm has not yet taken hold in society. The spread of knowledge about cultural diversity and the breaking down of prejudices are both vital for our future coexistence. A museum in which Germany can get to know itself as a country of migration offers just such a possibility.

Our planned museum will cover this topic from the present. It will trace the development of our migration society and its constant state of change. The history of our society will be told from multiple perspectives and it will create a new historical narrative, with a focus on the years from 1945 to the present. All forms of migration will be covered – from flight and displacement to labour migration; from family reunification and resettlement to multi-local ways of life.

As migration is not a one-way street, there will also be forays into emigration. At the same time, we will also include countries of origin in our approach, because migration is a transnational phenomenon. The exhibition will be designed as a vibrant place, where visitors will find a well-balanced relationship between the educational and the experiential. Our objects and stories convey the meaning of migration in a very concrete way.

The Path to the Goal

In 2016, with funds provided by the regional government of North Rhine-Westphalia, DOMiD announced it was accepting bids on a feasibility study, to determine the needs and possibilities of a migration museum. The agency facts & fiction put in the successful bid. The agency analysed societal and spatial needs, as well as factors affecting the choice of location; it created a budget and made recommendations on a concept related to content. The essential findings have been compiled in a brochure that is available for download.

In February 2018 came the next step: Members of the Cologne City Council voted across party lines (with the exception of the AfD) for the establishment of this ground-breaking museum in Cologne. With this move, a city has been found that is taking a stand and attending to the much-debated topic of migration. In July 2019, Hall 70, part of the former industrial complex "Hallen Kalk" on the right side of the Rhine in Cologne, was publicly announced as the location for the museum.


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