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Virtual Migration Museum

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The Virtual Migration Museum tells the story of migration in 3D. Visitors can move through a fictional urban landscape and can choose between three time periods. where they can enter and explore different buildings, each with a unique theme. In different buildings, migration is linked to various topics - such as work, culture or education.

The goal of the Virtual Migration Museum is to show how migration has shaped our history and continues to shape our society and lives together. The theme of migration is looked at from several different angles, acknowledging the different forms migration can take. The museum also aims to give people whose voices have previously been silenced the chance to contribute to a new, multi-perspective history of migration.

DOMiD's Virtual Migration Museum contains over 1,000 digitized exhibits from our collection and over 40 interviews with contemporary witnesses.

  • 24/7: available whenever you like
  • free of charge
  • in German and English language
  • optimized for PC, Mac, Android and htc Vive (VR headset)

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