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DOMiD helps with scenery of Eko Fresh music video

The new song "1994" by Eko Fresh is online! We were able to help out with the exhibits from our collection and were allowed to watch the shoot. Mirza Odabaşı's video is a wonderful tribute to the life performance of migrant workers in Germany. In the song, the Cologne rapper thematizes the hopes and challenges of the first generation of immigrants and appreciates their lifetime achievement. At the same time, the son of immigrants from Turkey appeals to the second and third generations to take advantage of their opportunities to have a say in society and to become naturalized. Created as part of #IchDuWirNRW, a campaign by the Ministry for Children, Family, Refugees and Integration of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia: www.ichduwir.nrw

Eko Fresh feat. #IchDuWirNRW – 1994 (A Film by Mirza Odabaşı)

Making of

CORRECTIV also created a making-of for the video. Hüdaverdi Güngör met Eko Fresh and Mirza Odabaşı on the set of "1994". The YouTube video is available under the song. Our colleague Sandra Vacca also has a short appearance.

Eko Fresh – 1994 | MAKING OF & INTERVIEW | Mirza & Eko

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