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DOMiD e.V. is a charitable organization and appreciates donations. The donations are tax deductible. Of course we will provide you with documentation of your donation, that can be used for tax return as valid deducation. Since we promote international mindedness, tolerance in all fields of culture and the thought of international understanding, we are, in accordance with the certification of exemption, dated November 30, 2018 for the last assessment period 2015-2017, and in accordance with paragraph § 5 Abs.1 Nr. 9 of the Corporation Tax Act., exempted from corporation tax and trade tax in accordance with paragraph § 3 Nr. 6.

For more information you can reach us via E-Mail: service@domid.org

Donations may be made using the following bank information:

Sparkasse Köln-Bonn

IBAN: DE12 3705 0198 0022 9520 48


Thank you for your support.

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