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Loan for exhibitions

DOMiD has the largest collection of contemporary testimonies documenting the history of migration in Germany in Germany. The main task of the archive is the collection and preservation of these contemporary testimonies. In addition, the archive makes it possible to sift through the collection as part of on-site research.

In the long term, the contemporary testimonies will be transferred as exhibits to the museum collection of the planned "House of Immigration Society". Until then, DOMiD would like to enable exhibition companies and other institutions to present testimonies from the DOMiD archive to the public.

As a registered association, we are dependent on the financial contributions from the loan system in order to be able to guarantee, for example, the technical equipment such as database updates and the increased time requirements of the extensive loan system. The lending conditions are necessary for the preservation of the objects and are based on generally accepted conservation standards.

We have compiled the most important explanations and forms for you here if you wish to borrow objects and documents from our collection.

Lead time

Please note: Loan requests must be made at least three months (extensive requests at least six months) before the exhibition begins! Read more about the background of the lead time here.


Information can be requested exclusively on Tuesday from 10:00 to 11:00 on the telephone number 0221 - 800 28 34 or answered by e-mail.


#1 On-site recerche

Before a lending request is made, a search must be made in the collection database. This is done on site at our office in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. Please make an appointment here with the appropriate time in advance. At your on-site appointment, a database extract will be generated with all the information on the objects required for a loan request.

#2 Application and examination

You will subsequently submit a request using the lending request form (see downloads). Please note that you can already have the following information ready for this:

  • Title of the exhibition
  • Sketch of the project
  • Exhibition location (address / building)
  • Duration of exhibition / loan period
  • Borrower (legal entity with authorized signatory, if applicable)
  • Contact details of the contact person
  • List of requested objects
  • If applicable, reproduction requests and questions regarding publication permission
#3 Lending agreement

After checking the request and the objects requested for loan for their loanability, the responsible collection manager will contact you and inform you whether a loan is possible and, if so, already give you the loan conditions and the costs incurred. If your request is successful, we will provide you with the loan contract (see downloads for the sample). You will also find the obligations you have as a borrower in this contract. The loan of objects begins approximately 14 days before the beginning of the exhibition and ends as soon as possible after the end of the exhibition. This must be taken into account when planning transport and set-up and dismantling. Good luck with your exhibition!


  • Information sheet on lending transactions

    Procedure, Costs, General Info (German only)

    PDF / 90 kB


  • Lending request form

    Official request for lending (German only)

    PDF / 107 kB


  • Lending agreement

    Blank sample (German only)

    PDF / 171 kB


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