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DOMiD | Documentation centre and Museum of Migration in Germany

DOMiD collects and conserves materials which documents migration history. We believe this perspective can provide a basis for developing a shared, transcultural identity.

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Virtual Migration Museum

Discover exciting objects that reveal more about the history of immigration in Germany. Understand the change of the immigration society by traveling through three time levels.

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#Meinwanderungsland Grafik

Every story counts

We collect stories of the migration society according to the motto "Each story counts". The immigration history is part of many things of our everyday life. How does migration affect our lives? Tell us your Story!

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Central Migration Museum

DOMiD´s central goal is the establishment of a central migration museum. The history of our migration society is to be told by multi-facetted perspectives.

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News & Events

  • News

    DOMiD receives funding for the "House of immigration society"

    The Bundestag Budget committee approved 22.13 million euros for a “house of the immigration society”. North Rhine-Westphalia also pledged its support. This paves the way for a central migration museum, that will be built in Cologne.

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  • Event, panel-discussion

    "The new us" - Talk with Jan Plamper

    12 Tuesday 2019

    The historian Jan Plamper opens a new perspective on German history from 1945 onwards in his book "Das neue Wir. Warum Migration dazugehört: Eine andere Geschichte der Deutschen." We invite you to come for a talk with him at the Literaturhaus Köln.

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  • Event

    Impressions of DOMiD in the Museum-Night Cologne

    02 Saturday 2019

    For the first time we took part in the night of museums in Cologne! Take a look back on this night in images.

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Our collection

Foto: Dietrich Hackenberg/DOMiD-Archive, Cologne

Foto: Dietrich Hackenberg/DOMiD-Archive, Cologne

DOMiD collects and conserves materials which document migration history. Furthermore, we believe it is our duty to research and present the history of migration in Germany to a wide audience. In addition to our museological and archival work, we organize events, conferences and talks. Our goal is to convey that migration is a normal part of the human history. We believe this perspective can provide a basis for developing a shared, transcultural identity.

Found some treasures in your attic or basement?

If you are in possesion of material that you think may be relevant to migration history, we would love to hear from you! Become a donor.

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Source: Jussi Puikkonen/KNAW
Only those things that are displayed in museums, embodied in memorials, and found in school books have the chance to be passed on to future generations.
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Aleida Assmann, Peace Prize Winner of the German Book Trade

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