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Migration Museum

The Migration Museum with nationwide appeal is being built in the heart of Europe. Out of society, for society.

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The project DOMiDLabs: Making Museum Design Participatory is bringing together various people in four laboratories. The goal of these labs is to develop design concepts that are tested for #unserMuseum.

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Photo: Hall 70

A Nationwide Lighthouse Project

Europe's largest migration museum is being built in a former industrial hall in Cologne. It will be part of a community-oriented area that activates the potential of a diverse urban society.

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The Migration Museum offers spaces for learning, experiencing and engaging

As a cultural and educational center, #unserMuseum will be an open, vivid and participatory place of dialogue and change of perspective.

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News & Events

  • Foto: Uwe Weiser / LVR


    Landschaftsverband Rheinland zeichnet DOMiD mit dem Rheinlandtaler aus

    The LVR honored DOMiD's commitment to an inclusive culture of remembrance s a special commitment to equal coexistence for all people in the Rhineland with this year's Rheinlandtaler in the category culture.

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  • News, DOMiDLabs

    DOMiDLab #04: The fourth and final lab is all about feelings

    Lab #04 is here! The starting point is the question of how objects and topics that trigger strong emotions can be exhibited sensitively. Together with people from the wider community, answers will be sought and design ideas developed.

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  • Photo: Wolfgang Heep/DOMiD-Archive, Cologne

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    Leasehold: milestone for nationwide migration museum

    The way is clear for #unsermuseum! The Cologne City Council has granted DOMiD the heritable building right for the hall and land. This means that DOMiD can initiate further planning steps. The opening is planned for 2029.

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Latest news about DOMiD and the upcoming Migration Museum

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DOMiD – The memory of the migration society

At the end of last year, the freelance author Manuel Gogos published his new book "Das Gedächtnis der Migrationsgesellschaft" (The Memory of the Migration Society), in which he describes the history of our association. With reference to our archives, Gogos skilfully traces some milestones and also gives voice to different people who have accompanied DOMiD in the last 30 years since its foundation.

The book is available for download as a free e-book, as well as for purchase as a hardcover.

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Further Information

Our collection

Photo: Dietrich Hackenberg/DOMiD-Archive, Cologne

Photo: Dietrich Hackenberg/DOMiD-Archive, Cologne

DOMiD collects and conserves material which documents migration history. Furthermore, we believe it is our duty to research and present the history of migration in Germany to a wide audience. In addition to our museological and archival work, we organize events, conferences and talks. Our goal is to convey that migration is a norm in human history. We believe this perspective can provide a basis for developing a shared, transcultural identity.

Found some treasures in your attic or basement?

If you are in possesion of material that you think may be relevant to migration history, we would love to hear from you! Become a donor.

More about our collection

Source: Jussi Puikkonen/KNAW
Only those things that are displayed in museums, embodied in memorials, and found in school books have the chance to be passed on to future generations.
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Aleida Assmann, Peace Prize Winner of the German Book Trade

Migration history in pictures

Migration has left a lasting mark on our society. In the motif series "Migration History in Pictures" we have selected objects from the DOMiD collection that stand for certain phenomena of migration history since 1945. In short, richly illustrated online stories, we tell how migrants have influenced the history of Germany.


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