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  • Event

    Invitation to the Festival "Mittelmeer am Rhein"

    20 Sunday 2020 – 27 Sunday 2020

    Between September 20 and September 27, 2020, the festival "Mittelmeer am Rhein" will take place. The programme is very diverse and offers a wide variety of events, such as readings, online watch parties, concerts and many more.

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  • Pierburg strike in Neuss, 1973. photo: DOMiD-Archive, Cologne

    Motif series "Migration history in images"

    Strike at Pierburg – solidarity among workers

    The strike at the Neuss-based automotive supplier Pierburg made headlines nationwide in 1973. The article tells the story of how foreign workers and Germans worked together to improve working conditions.

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  • Korean nurse hood. Photo: DOMiD Archive, Cologne

    Motif series "Migration history in images"

    Invisible Caretakers – labor migration of women in Germany

    Labor migration is often associated with male migrants, when in fact, female migrants represent a remarkable amount of the workforce, e.g. in the health sector. This article describes the roles of migrant women using the example of Korean nurses.

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  • Motif series "Migration history in images"

    “Guest worker” music between self-empowerment and commercial success

    In addition to working in Germany, music and culture were important components of their free time for many migrant workers. In the current online story, we deal with music interacting with political engagement.

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  • News

    DOMiD supports "The Many" (Die Vielen)

    DOMiD is a co-signer of the NRW declaration of the association "The Many". The many - under this name, actors from the arts and culture have come together since its founding in 2017 in order to show an attitude together.

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  • News, Digital offer

    Available 24/7: The Virtual Migration Museum

    Our digital offer in the form of the Virtual Migration Museum is available free of charge at any time.

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  • Photo: Daniele Levis Pelusi on unsplash


    DOMiD office closed for visits

    Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, our office will remain closed for an indefinite period.

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  • Photo: DOMiD-Archive, Cologne

    Motif series "Migration history in images"

    Recruiting “guest workers” ("Gastarbeiter")

    “Guest workers” ("Gastarbeiter") - this problematic term was used to designate foreign workers who were only supposed to work in Germany for a short time. In the German Liaison Office in Istanbul, these boards advertised job seekers.

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  • Photo: Timo Glatz


    We commemorate the victims of Hanau

    The terrible racist attack in Hanau also left its mark on us. How can we continue working against the background of murders of ten people?

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