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  • Foto: Uwe Weiser / LVR


    Landschaftsverband Rheinland zeichnet DOMiD mit dem Rheinlandtaler aus

    The LVR honored DOMiD's commitment to an inclusive culture of remembrance s a special commitment to equal coexistence for all people in the Rhineland with this year's Rheinlandtaler in the category culture.

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  • News, DOMiDLabs

    DOMiDLab #04: The fourth and final lab is all about feelings

    Lab #04 is here! The starting point is the question of how objects and topics that trigger strong emotions can be exhibited sensitively. Together with people from the wider community, answers will be sought and design ideas developed.

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  • Photo: Wolfgang Heep/DOMiD-Archive, Cologne

    News, Migration museum

    Leasehold: milestone for nationwide migration museum

    The way is clear for #unsermuseum! The Cologne City Council has granted DOMiD the heritable building right for the hall and land. This means that DOMiD can initiate further planning steps. The opening is planned for 2029.

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  • News, Migration museum

    NRW Minister of Culture Brandes visits #unserMuseum

    During her visit, Minister Brandes gained an overview of the dimensions of the planned museum building and the potential of the site. Her ministry is one of the central funding providers for #unserMuseum.

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  • Art work: facts and fiction


    Statement: #unserMuseum for democracy and a diverse migration society

    With this statement, we stand with all those who raise their voices against the rise of right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism and racism. We stand up for democratic coexistence and participation.

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