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Photo: Wolfgang Heep/DOMiD-Archive, Cologne

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Leasehold: milestone for nationwide migration museum

Council decision paves the way for the future

In an important decision on March 21, Cologne City Council gave the green light for the heritable building right for "Halle 70" in the Hallen Kalk to be granted to DOMiD gGmbH. Over a period of 99 years, the land and building will be used for our nationwide migration museum in Cologne-Kalk. This step follows long negotiations between the funding bodies and the City of Cologne and sets the new timetable for the opening of the museum in 2029.

"When we started our collection on the history of migration in a small garage in Essen in 1990, it was a noble dream that we would one day be able to open a nationwide museum. This dream has now come a little closer. I am convinced that the museum will bring us closer together again as a society."

Ahmet Sezer
Board member and co-founder of DOMiD

Important steps towards a cultural quarter in the south of Kalk

The idea of locating the Migration Museum in Cologne was proposed by the Cologne Integration Council in 2018. After selecting a location in 2019, the choice fell on the former factory hall 70 of the former KHD-Werke in Cologne-Kalk, an area of around 10,000 square meters. This location consolidates DOMiD as a central anchor point in the development of the "Hallen Kalk", together with a cultural quarter in the Osthof and a multifunctional "Veedelshalle" in the west.

Important contribution by the City of Cologne to the museum: provision of the land and building

The City of Cologne is supporting the Migration Museum by providing the land and building and establishing a 99-year heritable building right for the operator, DOMiD gGmbH. Additional funding of 44.26 million euros for the construction comes from the federal government and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Photo: Martina Goyert

"The Hallen Kalk site will revitalize the south of Kalk and activate the district's potential. With DOMiD as a permanent anchor in the center, a nationally important educational and cultural institution is settling here and making a significant contribution to making the site a valuable cultural quarter."

William Wolfgramm
Head of Real Estate of the City of Cologne

"As the City of Cologne, we are delighted to be able to make an important contribution to securing this highly regarded museum project by acquiring the heritable building right. Art, culture, the creative industries and the entire city district will benefit from the transformation of the old industrial site."

William Wolfgramm
Head of Real Estate of the City of Cologne

"The council's decision finally allows us to initiate the next planning steps. The next step will be to invite tenders for an external project management company, which will work with us to announce a Europe-wide architectural competition. We are proud to be able to realize this flagship museum project in Cologne."

Dr. Robert Fuchs
Managing Director of DOMiD gGmbH

Much achieved along the way

In recent years, DOMiD has made significant progress in planning the museum. A comprehensive content concept as well as space and usage scenarios have been developed to determine requirements and serve as the basis for an architectural competition. Through the participatory project "DOMiDLabs", design strategies for exhibitions have been tested in three laboratories to date in collaboration with the urban community.

Opening planned for 2029

The leasehold contract that has now been approved allows for more detailed planning of the upcoming phases. Taking external factors into account, it is planned that the museum will open in 2029.

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