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Photo: Daniel Kempf-Seifried / DOMiD-Archive, Cologne

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New in collection: Photo inventory by Daniel Kempf-Seifried

Another exciting new addition has recently been added to our photo stock. The documentary photographer Daniel Kempf-Seifried has left us 163 digital copies of his work on the subject of flight migration. Among other things, he was able to document important events such as the "March of Hope" in September 2015, the conditions in a camp in the Greek-Macedonian border town of Idomeni in April 2016 and the situation on a rescue ship of the non-governmental organisation sea-eye in April 2017. The impressive contemporary historical documents capture moments of flight from the perspective of the migrants involved. Kempf-Seifried tells the stories without making the people behind them into objects. Herein lies the power of his photographs. The photo digital copies can be researched in our archive and can be requested for use.

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