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UN Special Rapporteur visits DOMiD

Alexandra Xanthaki, the United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights, toured Germany for 13 days to learn, how the German state implements cultural rights. The goal was to identify 'best practices' as well as practices and possible obstacles in the promotion and protection of cultural rights in Germany.

As one of her stops, Xanthaki also visited DOMiD and was interested in our conceptual approach of musealizing migration processes. How can migrants and their descendants participate in the cultural wealth in Germany?

We were able to show how we preserve the cultural heritage of immigrants through our collection. Our colleague Timothy Tasch presented our archive work and discussed with the special rapporteur the potentials and obstacles in the culture of remembrance in Germany. We are grateful that our expertise was heard.

The final report is expected in March 2024. The organizations visited will remain largely anonymous. We have chosen to make our involvement public. In her "End of Mission statement," Xanthaki made the following statements:

Quotes Alexandra Xanthaki:

“The state must ensure better awareness, understanding of and interaction with migrant cultures, values, visions and histories.”

"Germany must embrace its rich cultural diversity and act more firmly to enable those marginalised to fully participate in shaping society."

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