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Photo: German-Moroccan Competence Center (DMK)


Book published in cooperation with DOMiD: "German-Moroccan Life Paths"

The book "German-Moroccan Life Paths: Stories about Searching, Arriving and Engaging" is the product of a joint project of Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences and the German-Moroccan Competence Network (DMK). In cooperation with DOMiD, the publication is now available as an e-book free of charge.

Photo: Zineb Daoudi

Germany and Morocco have been going their shared paths for decades: In 1963, the Federal Republic of Germany concluded a labor recruitment agreement with the North African country.

Until the recruitment stop 10 years later, more than 20,000 Moroccans immigrated to the Federal Republic of Germany, but only under certain conditions. The recruitment agreement was aimed exclusively at unmarried women and men, who had to undergo a medical examination upon entry. Family members were not allowed to join them, and their stay in the Federal Republic was limited to two years.

The book focuses on the biographies of immigrants, but above all on those of their descendants. Whether in sports, culture, literature or in association work: the different paths taken and thus the diversity of the German-Moroccan community are revealed.

"German-Moroccan Life Paths" contains contributions from 32 Germans with a Moroccan immigration history in the form of self-portraits, interviews, poems and short stories. In this way, they tell in an authentic and lively way how participation can be successfully shaped despite barriers and challenges in our immigration society.

Photo: Ouassima Laabich
Photo: Rahim Hajji

According to co-editor Prof. Dr. Rahim Hajji (Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences), the book encourages people, whether young or old, with or without an immigration background, to develop their personalities and abilities in order to work for better social conditions in life.

The publication is accompanied by a series of events, which can be viewed here.

"German-Moroccan Life Paths: Stories of Searching, Arriving and Engaging," edited by Abdellatif Youssafi, Rahim Hajji and Soraya Moket, 1st edition 2021.

A book project of the Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences and the German-Moroccan Competence Network (DMK) in cooperation with DOMiD.

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