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Event, panel-discussion

Panel: History in Diversity - Culture of Remembrance in Immigration Germany

Panel discussion with

  • Member of the Bundestag Sanae Abdi
  • the writer and journalist (Die ZEIT) Laura Cwiertnia
  • the managing director of the Documentation Center and Museum on Migration in Germany (DOMiD) Dr. Robert Fuchs
  • the integration representative of the city of Gronau and co-founder of DOMiD Ahmet Necati Sezer
  • and historian Dr. Stefan Zeppenfeld.

The event will be moderated by Prasanna Oommen.

Migration is a global, European and German reality. For an immigration society that excludes no one, ensures democratic participation and guarantees peaceful coexistence in diversity, it is of central importance to understand and remember migration as part of one's own history. However, the stories of migrants and their descendants are still often ignored or limited in their accessibility.

This makes the current efforts to give migration history a permanent place in the culture of remembrance and to open up perspectives all the more important. But how should this history be remembered and represented in museums? How can a multi-perspective image of history be created? What are the chances of integrating immigration into the culture of remembrance? What does this mean for our democracy?

An event organized by the Archive for Social Democracy and the Landesbüro NRW Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation.

Participation Digital:
The event will be streamed live on this FES website.

Physical Participation:
If you would like to attend the event in presence, please register here by 20.10.2022.
By registering, you grant the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung permission to take photos and make films during the event and to use them for public relations, to promote its own offers and for documentation in analog and digital form. Please contact us if you do not agree to this.

Review: Watch the panel livestream video

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