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Fil series: The invitees

They were invited to rebuild the country. A fact that is often forgotten when it comes to the migrant workers who came to West Germany as a result of the recruitment agreement. Over the years, a culture of remembrance has developed around the history of the so-called "guest workers", based on traditional attributions, which makes a differentiated understanding of past and present events difficult.

On the occasion of 60 years of the German-Turkish recruitment agreement, bi'bak_berlin will present the film series "The Invited" at SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA from Sept. 30 to Oct. 8, 2021, in which DOMiD is a cooperation partner.. On eight evenings, a rethinking of the history of labor migration will be called for on the basis of various film documents as well as in the context of discussion rounds and lectures. In this way, recurring narratives and existing image politics concerning so-called guest workers will be critically examined and challenged by post-migrant perspectives and informal knowledge. In this way, a contribution is made to transnational remembering, which does justice to the significance of interwoven cultures of memory and can show identificatory references beyond nation-statehood.

Tickets for all events can be booked here.

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