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Statement: #unserMuseum for democracy and a diverse migration society

Ganz Deutschland redet über die rechtsextremen Pläne zur millionenfachen Deportierung von Menschen mit Migrationsgeschichte. Doch unsere Migrationsgesellschaft ist kein verhandelbarer Fakt. Die Vielfalt in unserer Gesellschaft ist unsere Stärke. Die Pluralität macht unsere Demokratie lebendig und widerstandsfähig gegen ihre Feinde.

We stand with all those who raise their voices against the rise of right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism and racism. We stand up for democratic coexistence and participation.

We have been doing this for over 30 years by advocating for an inclusive culture of remembrance and making the voices of those who are often marginalized visible.

In this sense, the migration museum we have initiated and planned will be a place of openness, exchange and appreciation for everyone, regardless of their origin, culture, religion or other criteria by which we may differ.

The migration society was, is and will remain a constant in our history

DOMiD, January 26, 2024

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