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60 years Almanya, News

Of coming, staying and changing - cinematic stories of migration

60 years ago, recruitment agreements were signed with Turkey, Italy, Greece, Spain and many other countries. Questions such as "what has changed since the arrival of the first generation of guest workers and how do the second and third generations see themselves in Germany?" come up here.

In the fall of 2019, the series on cinematic stories of migration began, which will now continue with a seven-part program in cooperation with DOMiD e.V.. This project focuses on Germany as a country of immigration from diverse perspectives.

One focus of the film series is on stories from Cologne: from the portrait of an Italian "Cologne family" and the long-term documentary about the "Kölsche Hasan" in Ehrenfeld to the 40th anniversary of the German-Turkish recruitment agreement in 2001 in the Cologne Philharmonic Hall, accompanied by the critical and unmasking view of the Kanak Attak team, from the music clip "1994" about exclusion by Eko Fresh, to the documentary "Wo stehst Du" about young men from the Klingelpütz neighborhood and the film "Zertifikat Deutsch" about hurdles of the immigration test.


22.09.2021, 7 pm

Philharmonie Köln - 40 Years of Immigration (2001),9'

Verländert (1983), 15'

Der Kölsche Hasan (1980), 57'42 at the Cinenova

28.09.2021. 8 pm

Zertifikat Deutsch (2009), 91' at OFF Broadway

29.09.2021, 7 pm

A Cologne Family (1976), 29'

Foreign Home (1977), 44'
at the Cinenova

03.10.2021, 7 pm

Alamanya, Alamanya - Germania, Germania (1979), 22'

1994, Eko Fresh feat. #IchDuWirNRW (2020), 4'

Turks in Germany (2005), 29'

93/13 - 20 years after Solingen (2013), 33'
at the Cinenova

06.10.2021, 7 pm

Almanya acı vatan (1979), 85', OF with dt .UT
at the Odeon

06.10.2021, 7 pm

Gölge (1980), 89'
at the Odeon

13.10.2021, 6.30 pm

Where are you? (2011), 91' at the Odeon

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