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Foto: Uwe Weiser / LVR


Landschaftsverband Rheinland honors DOMiD with the Rheinlandtaler

The Landschaftsverband Rheinland has awarded DOMiD this year's Rheinlandtaler in this category - we are delighted to receive this award.
Every year, the LVR awards the prize to associations particularly committed to the peaceful and equal coexistence of all people in the Rhineland.
And that is exactly what the LVR believes DOMiD is: “Your work is extremely important for everyone who, like us, wants to live in an open and democratic society,” said Anne Henk-Hollstein, Chairwoman of the LVR Regional Assembly, at the award ceremony. “DOMiD contributes to increasing the visibility of our society as an immigration society and making it accessible in a participatory way.”
DOMiD stands for a multi-perspective narrative of both German history and present. A narrative that, as new as it may be, is already endangered by the rise of enemies of democracy.

That is why giving an award like this to DOMiD in these times means so much, because it shows: The commitment to an inclusive culture of remembrance is heard and seen.
Or, as our board member Jens Grimmelijkhuizen put it in his acceptance speech: “DOMiD is no longer on the fringes, but has arrived at the center of society, as an independent actor, as an important, factualising, de-dramatizing voice in the debate between the German immigration society and itself.”
And from the middle of society is also where our planned migration museum will emerge from, to which the Mayor of Cologne, Dr. Ralf Heinen, cast a glance into the future in his speech: “In times like these, such places of documentation, such places of learning, such places of encounter are more necessary than ever”, which is why he is already looking forward to the first “joint steps in the museum”.
We would like to thank the LVR for awarding us the Rheinlandtaler.

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