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We commemorate the victims of Hanau

The terrible racist attack in Hanau also left its mark on us. How can we continue working against the background of murders of ten people? How can we further intensify our efforts for an anti-racist “society of the many”? Why is there no big outcry? These are some of the questions we are currently asking ourselves.
Today (04 March 2020) the central funeral rally takes place in Hanau. We follow a call from the Hessian unions and today from 11.50am to 12.00pm we will stop work, pause and mourn the dead. That is the least we owe to the murdered and their grieving friends and relatives.

We remember
The nine people who were murdered became victims because the perpetrator perceived them as alien in his racist world view. He also killed his mother for unknown reasons. The victims were Hanauers who worked as waiters, courier companies and exterminators or who trained as bricklayers and machine operators. They have names. We should learn it and never forget it.

Ferhat Ünvar
Gökhan Gültekin
Hamza Kurtović
Said Nesar Hashemi
Mercedes Kierpacz
Sedat Gürbüz
Kaloyan Velkov
Vili-Viorel Păun
Fatih Saraçoğlu

Gabriele Rathjen

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