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Migration has history: we celebrate three decades of DOMiD

From the garage to the first central migration museum

What started as DOMiT in Essen in 1990 (read more about history here) has been continued in Cologne since 2000. An interdisciplinary team that brings in different expertise does not work day after day without heart and passion: we collect, preserve, research, exhibit and convey the history of migration in Germany. In the future, our collection will find a new home in the "House of the Immigration Society."

A little look back

Three decades of DOMiD also means countless exciting discussions with lenders. Thousands of people we met, with whom we developed projects, curated exhibitions and worked together for a culture of remembrance in the migration society. The result is a unique collection with stories behind it that drive and motivate us every day. We are eager to give these stories a worthy setting with the future museum.

What is your story with DOMiD?

We want to know from you in our anniversary year: how did you get to know DOMiD? Or was it still DOMiT? Is there an anecdote you would like to share with us? What moved you? We look forward to your writing down your story below. We publish some of the most beautiful stories on this page. Thank you for the first 30 years - for the next decades to come!

Tell us your DOMiD story

Exhibition history (selection)

For DOMiD, exhibitions are particularly important. Since the first exhibition in 1998, DOMiD has curated numerous exhibitions, of which we show you a selection here. In the future, this picture gallery will grow editorially: in the coming weeks and months we will present further milestones in our 30-year history.

Motif series: "Migration history in pictures"

In our series of motifs: "Migration history in pictures" we take you on a journey through time through the history of migration in Germany from 1945 to the present. Every month a new motif will be published.

  • Directory of the forcibly relocated "Sudeten Germans" in the municipality of Kehrenbach ”, 1946. Facsimile: DOMiD archive, Cologne

    Motif series "Migration history in images"

    Search for the "old home"

    In our motif series "Migration history in pictures", we will start with one of the oldest exhibits in our collection: a directory of the designated "Sudeten Germans" in the Hessian community of Kehrenbach.

    More …

  • Photo: DOMiD-Archive, Cologne

    Motif series "Migration history in images"

    A scoop of ice cream for 10 pfennigs

    In our motif series "Migration History in Pictures" we are devoting ourselves this month to a special exhibit of Italian labor migration from the 1950s: the Eis-Boy from the Galeazzi family.

    More …

Tell us your DOMiD story

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